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The Ultimate Body Transformation Plan

January 2018

If youʼre fed up with taking endless "before" pictures and never getting to the lean "after" ones, then you want to read this post.  In this post I've written a proven and tested workout plan that helps melt away unwanted body fat. This program works no matter whether you have lots of fat to lose or simplywant to drop the last few kilos of stubborn fat.

11 Simple Steps to Not Gain Weight This Holiday Period

December 2017

If youʼre committed to your fitness goals, you might have a love-hate relationship with the Christmas season. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to prevent your hard work from going down the drain.

6 Reasons You Aren't Losing Fat

December 2017

Are you frustrated? Frustrated because you do everything “right” yet fail to discard those annoying pounds of fat? If so, don't throw in the towel! The reason is that you make one (or more) of the six fat loss blunders outlined below.

Alcohol & Fat Loss

November 2017

The good news? Your fat loss efforts don't have to go to waste because you occasionally like to grab a drink. This article will tell you why alcohol can be fattening, and what you can do to counter its harmful effects on your body.

Nutrition Guide

November 2017

The fitness industry is brimming with lies! Most of what you've been told by magazines and "fitness gurus" is wrong. To build muscle, burn fat, and optimise your health, you don't have to starve yourself, follow a bizarre and restrictive diet, or kiss your favourite foods goodbye. Dieting isn’t nearly as torturous as that! In fact, if you set up your diet plan right, you can reach your ideal body by eating foods you love at every meal. And that’s exactly what you will learn in this nutrition set-up guide.


June 2017

The following are some very simple drills that can be used to attain a solid gluteal contraction, which can slowly correct some dysfunction (such as restricted hip extension range of motion), while reinforcing proper movement patterns. At the same time, this drills helps to build bigger and stronger back side!

10 Tips To Drop Body Fat And Get Toned Fast

June 2017

Looking to slim down? Want to look your very best in that little black dress you plan to wear to your anniversary dinner? If you have a timeline to hit and you want to lean out as quickly as possible, it pays to follow a few smart tips and guidelines.

10 Tips To Get Shredded Fast

June 2017

Want to take your physique to the next level? Perhaps you’ve been working hard on a diet and fitness program and have seen some good results. You hit the gym four to five days a week and have completely eliminated all the sugar from your diet. Hard as it was, you can now say you are sugar-free. Want to learn what those tips are? Get ready because you are about to learn the 10 tips that will take your body from good to great.

Fix Your Gut, Fix Your Fat Loss?

June 2017

Looking to accelerate your speed of fat loss? Tired of sluggish and slow results? The answer to your weight loss woes may not be what you think. When most people stall out on a fat loss diet plan, the approach they take is simple: eat less and exercise more. The often overlooked component that may be holding them back from their fat loss efforts is their gut health.

4 Ways To Decrease Cellulite In 28 Days

May 2017

Perhaps one of the most common questions that personal trainers world-wide get is how to combat cellulite. While there’s no question that your body fat level does play a role in the amount of cellulite you have, it’s not the only factor involved. So what is cellulite? Before you learn how you can rid cellulite from your body, you need to learn why and how it occurs.

Level 1 - 28 DAY CHALLENGE
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