Fix Your Gut, Fix Your Fat Loss?


Looking to accelerate your speed of fat loss? Tired of sluggish and slow results? The answer to your weight loss woes may not be what you think.

When most people stall out on a fat loss diet plan, the approach they take is simple: eat less and exercise more.

And in some cases, this is all that’s needed. Once they do this, they find themselves back on track and seeing excellent results.

But, in other cases, more is needed. The often overlooked component that may be holding them back from their fat loss efforts is their gut health.

Gut health? This may be a completely new concept to you. Most people never consider their gut health, never mind know what they need to do to optimize it.

Let’s take a closer look into how your gut health could be impacting your fat loss results and the steps that you can take to get it in shape so that you can start seeing the results that you desire.

A Primer On Gut Health

Let’s start off by talking a little about your gut health and what it means to you. Inside your gut there are billions of bacteria, both good bad. You may be familiar with the good bacteria as they go by the name of probiotics. Many people currently do not have enough of these good bacteria in their body, which then allows harmful, bad bacteria to begin to take over.

When this happens, health issues arise.

So what is your gut health responsible for?

Immune Health

The first way in which gut health impacts you on a large scale is with your immune health. One thing that few people realize is that about 80% of your immune system is found in your gut, so when these healthy good bacteria are not at optimal levels, this means that your immune system is weakened, putting you at a higher risk for infection and disease.

In fact, studies have illustrated that having too many bad bacteria and not enough of the good bacteria may be linked to conditions such as autism, obesity, diabetes, allergies, depression, cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, eczema, as well as asthma.

In addition to this, you’ll also be at an increased risk for harmful inflammation that can impact your entire system when your gut health is not maintaining. Inflammation is one of the leading cause of health problems in today’s society, in part thanks to our intake of heavily refined foods as well as an imbalance in omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids.

When you have sufficient probiotics in your system, you can help to combat inflammation before it starts. When you don’t, you’ll be more susceptible to it.

*Synthesis Of Hormones *

The second way that your gut influences your health and well-being is with the synthesis of hormones. The bacteria living in your gut are in part, responsible for recycling and manufacturing various hormones in the body, all of which will help with the optimal growth and development of your body, assist with regulating your metabolic rate, as well as optimizing the speed in which fat burning occurs.

In this sense, those good probiotics can play a key role in the weight loss process. Those who have an unhealthy gut environment may not be at an optimal place hormonally, making it harder to lose weight as their body becomes more prone to putting on body fat instead.

*Utilization Of Nutrients *

The third way that these good bacteria help assist your health and weight loss is by ensuring the nutrients that you are eating are being absorbed and utilized properly.

It does you no good to eat a diet rich in all the nutrients you need if you can’t then put these nutrients to work. Those who do not maintain optimal gut environments may begin to fall short in nutrients such as the B vitamins, which are responsible for maintaining optimal energy levels and a metabolic rate, iron, which helps ward off fatigue during exercise, as well as calcium, which promotes strong bones and regular muscular contractions. These healthy bacteria are also going to play a role in the proper absorption of essential fatty acids, which are necessary for brain health, heart health, along with just about every other function in the body.

Simply put, if you are not getting your fair share of healthy bacteria and maintaining an optimal internal gut environment, there’s a very good chance that you are not reaping the benefits that your healthy eating plan provides.

This is a shame as people put so much hard work in when it comes to making smart food choices that you want to be absolutely sure that it’s going to pay off.

As you can see, there are many ways in which your gut health impacts your overall health and weight loss progression. Studies have demonstrated that those who are obese and/or diabetic often have very different gut environments than those who are of a healthy weight, illustrating that a much different picture is going on here.

One particular study noted that one protein called toll-like receptor 5 (TLR5) provides extra protection against obesity and weight gain. Those who did not possess this protein showed a much higher incidence of excess weight, diabetes, insulin resistance as well as fatty liver disease when they were fed a high fat diet plan.

This TLR5 protein helps to keep bad bacteria in check in the human body, so without it, these bad bacteria are left to free roam, which is what kick-starts all of the problems.

It appears those who are deficient in this protein and as such, have more bad bacteria in their gut environment consume up to 10% more food than those who do have sufficient TLR5 proteins. This then puts them at a direct risk for weight gain.

There’s no way around it: the state of your gut health will impact how you feel and function and will also impact the general trend of your body weight.

What impacts your gut health?

In today’s society, there are a few things that can influence the state of your gut. These include:

  • The overuse of antibiotic medications which kill off both the bad as well as the good healthy bacteria
  • The overconsumption of processed and fast foods, which the bad bacteria feed on
  • The use of highly refined and sugary carbohydrates in the body, which also deprive the good bacteria of nutrition while feeding the bad bacteria
  • Being in a state of chronic stress, which can reduce the numbers of good bacteria in the body
  • The insufficient intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, which can provide prebiotics, which are what probiotics feed on to multiply in number

All of these factors working together put our society on the whole at a very high risk of poor gut health. Unless of course, you take steps to combat this.

So what can be done to promote better overall gut health?

Here is a list of steps that you can take to help maximize your gut health and promote better weight loss and well-being.

Optimizing Your Gut Environment

Ditch all processed foods

As much as possible, just avoid these entirely. Choose foods in their natural state and you’ll not only promote the growth of healthy, good bacteria, but you’ll also give those good bacteria prebiotics they can feed on.

Feast on vegetables and fruits

In addition to avoiding all processed foods, you want to put special focus on eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. As noted above, these foods offer a wealth of nutrition to the body and provide good enzymes that will help promote a healthier digestive environment.

Additionally, these foods also contain fiber, which will help heal an unhealthy digestive system, allowing you to quickly get back on track.

Limit your consumption of omega-6 fatty acids

Right now in our society, we are taking in an abundance of omega-6 fatty acids and not nearly enough omega-3 fatty acids. Our ratio’s should be kept to around 1:3 for omega 3 to omega-6, however most people are currently coming in closer to 1:10-25.

To help reverse this trend, focus on consuming less vegetable oil and refined foods and instead focus on omega-3 rich foods like salmon, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil and mackerel. Supplementing with a good quality omega-3 fatty acid supplement is also a wise move and will help you tilt your balance to a healthier place.

Consider supplementing with a probiotic.

Supplementing with a probiotic is one of the fastest and easiest ways to rebuild your gut health. Choose one that contains live bacteria cultures and that contains as many strains as possible so you are covered from all angles.

If you aren’t one that’s keen on supplementation, you can also instead look into eating probiotic rich foods including kefir, yogurt (make sure it states that it contains live bacteria cultures), sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, as well as tempeh.

A regular intake of these can help you get your levels back to a healthy place.

So there you have the key facts to know about your gut health and how it may be impacting your weight loss results. If you can’t seem to see progress, don’t be too quick to write off how your gut health may be influencing you.

Take a few steps to consider whether this is an issue for you and if so, put positive measures in place to correct it. The results might just surprise you.

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